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Writers Rock! was founded by children's author, Wanda Roberts, who wanted to bring writers together, to help and support each other in a tough business. Get support from Wanda and our growing group of writers and authors from all genres and writing markets, from Sci-fi authors, playwrights, poets and many more. 

With educational days and live author interviews to tips, advice and valuable information. You will find nothing but a positive environment to help build your career and support you on your publishing journey. 

Follow us and join in with our very active facebook groups, Writers Rock! and Writers Rock! Readers. Plus, there are always regular free gifts for active members. 

Books by Wanda L. Roberts

5 Star Review

The love for our furry friends

I liked the concept of the book. You can feel Wanda’s love and compassion for the dogs. I truly enjoyed the beautiful images as well as the storyline. I will definitely spread the word and recommend this book for my grandchildren and alll animal lovers.

The Adventure Of Tara & Pep Pep.

Purchases HERE.


Author Interviews.

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Check out our author interviews with authors of all stages of the publishing business. From authors who have just started writing to established authors, traditionally published and self published. 

What our author think of Writers Rock!

Wanda has been fantastic with her unwavering support. I was invited to interview other authors and it's been wonderful, sharing their publishing journeys on the Writers Rock! facebook page.

Beth Worsdell,
Sci-fi fantasy author of Earth's angels &

The Marilians. 

The Writers Rock! group is vital to all authors, from those who are working on their first book, to those who are established authors. I've made wonderfully 

supportive friends and I've learned how to become better at marketing my own books.I'm a proud member and I'm a writer who Rocks!

Starla Carr,
Author of Privileged 

Conversations & The Sapphic Storm

As an Independent Author, we look for every means necessary to be successful and appreciate those who give back and help us keep the dream alive.


One such help comes from a wonderful woman named Wanda Roberts. Wanda gives back to the writing community on a daily basis with her Facebook sites and messages of encouragement.


Her Facebook sites, Writer's Rock! and Writer's Rock! Readers are such examples.  She created the Group, not for a profit or a pat on the back, but to give back to the writers who need help. By putting us all in a Group, we can exchange ideas, give advice, and know we are not alone, as we all trying to publish the stories that are dear to our hearts.


I know when I hit a wall, I can go there, or to her, and get the answers I need.


I thank Wanda for all of her hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Without her, our dreams of becoming authors and having our works out for people to read would be a lot tougher to accomplish.


Thanks, Wanda!

Ivan Scott,Author of Redhead in a Blue Convertable.


The Writers Rock!group has been a wonderful Authors community to thrive in. The Founder and Organizer, Wanda Roberts has been a jewel and started this group with great intention, which you still see today. I am grateful to be a part of this group.

Deborah Frye, 

Author of Grieving under Grace & What about me, I'm sad too.

Featured Authors


Creating posts and media to promote your books.

Fliers, banners, posters and more. 





Posters, videos and graphics. 





Read, scan and text to speech proof reading. 





Professional ads and social media images. 



Sharing your books with readers.

Creating a reader magnet, sending out advanced copies of your book, handing out ebooks at a conference and delivering your digital sales to readers. 





Share your full story or sample chapter with millions of readers and build a following. 



Writing your books.

Prompts, how-tos on guided imagery, creative habits and more. 




For screen writers, If you’re a screenwriter, advice on how to develop great stories, pitch your scripts, and best practices for writing research. 




Tips for writing. 



Organize your stories timeline.


Aeon Timeline lets you synchronise your stories timeline with your Scrivener project on Mac or Windows.


Getting published. 

Tips and advice on writing query letters. 





Keep track of your queries to literary agents and publishing houses.




Featured Authors

When Love Fails -Cover.png

Indie Author and Blogger

It’s a collection of short stories about love, heartbreak, second chances, and letting go of the feelings that
weigh you down.

Some stories don't start well, but end with a happily ever after. Yet, sometimes happy beginnings are all we
can get. When love fails, it leaves behind lost souls unable to find their way back to life. What happens then?
And what if it wins?
The only certainty in life is that it's uncertain. No one knows what will happen next. How best you deal with
the complications that ensue from your actions is what will define you and seal your fate.



For any inquiries, please contact Founder Wanda Roberts:

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